How to Get Extra Ordinary Results in Anything

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything. There was a time when I used to draw sketches. Yes, when I was young I joined many classes and became pretty good in paintings and drawing sketches. Then, my mom told me to join a dance class. I wasn’t that interested in dance in those days. But yeah, because my mom convinced to join a dance class, I did it. I learnt many dance styles and today, I can confidently show off my dance skills anytime and anywhere .

Then, I studied Civil Engineering, then I also had an interest to learn Interior Designing. Yeah, seriously.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

And at the end, I was best at nothing. Because, I tried to learn everything, I never excelled in any of them.

Find your “One Thing”

In the wake of hearing the book synopsis of a standout amongst other selling book “The One Thing” I understood that I was getting things done in an off-base way. Above all else you individuals will likewise concur and relate with me that, rather than centering and acing in just a single thing, we generally attempt to gain proficiency with different things one after another.

This is one of the primary reason we never become additional normal in Anything.

In the event that you’ve seen this: Successful individuals ended up fruitful in light of the fact that they concentrated uniquely on their “A certain something”. Furthermore, continued working just on that “A certain something” till they wound up fruitful.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

For example:

For Sachin Tendulkar, “Cricket” was his the Only One Thing. For Warren Buffet, “Investing” was his One Thing and for Crisitiano Ronaldo it was “Football” .

Sachin Tendulkar is an extra-ordinary player in Cricket because he never tried to learn multiple games at a time. Instead he just focused on his Cricket and today he’s known as the God of Cricket.

So, if you divide your focus, you won’t get the extra-ordinary result in any particular field. Keep your focus narrow.

For example:

 If you use magnifying glass to focus the rays of suns on a paper, the paper catches fire.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

Narrowing your focus also means, not to give much attention to less important things or work.

If you chase two rabbits at a time, you will catch neither one.

Multi-tasking is a lie

People can perform more than 2 activities at a time is a lie. Multi tasking this word has came from Computer world. These computers switch the work from one to another so quickly that, we think computers can perform multi-tasking. Which is not true.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

Even we can’t perform two things at a time effectively.
Talking on your phone and walking around isn’t actually a multi-tasking. When you perform two activities at a time, your brain keeps one activity to your foreground which has our focus and one to background which does not have our focus.

For example:

Case 1- If you’re walking in a garden, talking on a call. Then, listening and talking on call will be on your foreground and walking on background.

Case 2- If you’re crossing a busy road while you’re on a call, then you will focus more on crossing that road if you love your life more.

You can do anything, but not everything at a time. 

Will-Power is Limited

Author says that Will-Power is like a mobile battery. Full charged up in the morning and starts running low till the night.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

In like manner, in inspiration we plan numerous things daily previously. For eg: You plan that you will rise early morning, excercise, at that point head off to college or work, go to guitar class, will chip away at your some Business thought around evening time, and so forth.

Be that as it may, following day we are not ready to effectively do every one of them.

In the start of our day, our determination is at 100% full charge condition. What’s more, till night or night, we can’t work with our full vitality. Regardless of whether we do, we won’t receive successful outcomes in return.

Along these lines, in the event that you need to get viable outcomes, complete your most significant work in morning itself.

Ask two Questions to Yourself

Now, the question is how to decide which work should be done first and which in the last? For that you need to ask yourself these two questions:

1) What’s “Your One thing”?


What’s that one thing you can do, with the end goal that in the wake of doing it, everything else will wind up simpler or superfluous?

By posing these two inquiries will assist you with finding your actual objectives and organize things. These are the two inquiries on which this book “The One Thing” has been founded on.

Creators says, “Envisioning just for Big objectives isn’t right.”

Presently, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a major objectives. Rather, set a little strides of objectives and complete them. Numerous individuals center around their year objective, month objective, week objectives or day objective.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything

The stunt is that we ought to do concentrate on our NOW objective.

Means, you do you have to do at the present time so you can finish your day objective and which will cause you to accomplish your week and month objective all the more effectively.

For example:

Your Goals are like a domino game. A domino can bring down a domino which is 50% bigger than last one.

How to Get Extra-Ordinary Results in Anything


Your ultimate goals is then biggest domino. But, you won’t be able to bring it down if you directly focus on it.
Instead, you should align your Goals accordingly, focus on NOW goals and then you can achieve any Big goal with ease.

Success is Sequential

Success comes one after another. It won’t come together in one shot. You wanna become a Billionaire, first complete a goal to become a Multi-Millionaire. And for that you first need to become a millionaire.

Give atleast 4 hours of your day to your “One Thing”.

If your One Thing is dance, then keep those 4 hrs of your day separate, just for dance. Not necessary to keep practicing dance for 4 hours straight. You can even do something like reasearching on that, or talking to friends related to that topic. This will also count in that 4 hours.

I’ve shared these concepts from a book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. I hope you like this post “How to Get Extra Ordinary Results in Anything”. If you like and found these concepts useful then, do like my facebook page and subscribe to my website for more such Business related concepts every Wednesday.

Wish you success. You can and you will.

Have a great day ahead! Take care.

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