Why PubG and Zoom Call are Not Banned in India

On Monday India banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok.

WhatsApp, PUBG and Zoom aren’t banned, so don’t believe fake rumours.

Apps like Zoom and PUBG aren’t owned by Chinese companies but case of PUBG is little complicated.

Why PubG and Zoom Call are Not Banned in India?

It may look, and tons of individuals have this perception, that Zoom is an app from a Chinese company. But that’s not accurate. Zoom is from a corporation that was founded by Eric Yuan, who may be a Chinese American but features a US citizenship. the corporate that owns Zoom, Zoom Video Communications, may be a US-based company.

So, currently Zoom isn’t banned in India.

And what about Pubg?

Well, tons of individuals might want to see PUBG banned in India, particularly parents who worry that their kids spend an excessive amount of time with the app. But the case PUBG seems to be a bit complicated. A game studio — Bluehole — in South Korea, has created and Manages this Game PUBG. Chinese company Tencent made a deal with the studio to market it in China after the Game got popularity.
It gradually got more and more say on distribution. Right now, in India Play Store, Tencent distributes PUBG.

But there is mixed ownership of PUBG. Maybe this has helped PUBG avoid the ban on Monday or even someone within the Indian government didn’t realise what proportion of a stake Tencent has in PUBG. So, PUBG for now’s considerably alive and kicking in India.

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