5 Tricks to Make them Love You | Men vs Women

5 Tricks to Make them Love You | Men vs Women

Today let’s talk about this amazing topic – “5 Tricks to Make them Love You | Men vs Women”. I can bet on it You are going to love this post and will find it very relatable and useful. Let’s begin!

Imagine those earlier men used to live in Mars, which was their home, and women used to stay in Venus, which was their home planet. After some time man got bored and depressed living in mars, so they all decide to make a spaceship and to go to venus because they had seen through Telescope, that on Venus planet people Exist.

So after reaching Venus,

When they met Venus Woman, There Depression got vanished, and they started feeling Good. Both exchanged such a lovely feeling for Each other, which they had never felt before Both Women and men fall in love with Each other. After which they started living together and used to work together.

However they both were from different planets, so they were very different from each other. So they almost took a year to understand each other properly In terms of Their Feelings, how they express their emotions, about each other’s likes dislikes, How they handle situations, about each other’s behavior and about their very different Nature.

Everything was going well; they were living happily by understanding each other.

But one day they had decided to go on earth because they find earth as a very interesting and beautiful place to live. When they reached Earth, the Atmosphere of Earth Had a Very Bad Impact on them. Unfortunately, they forgot everything that they had understood about Each other, about their differences, feeling nature everything they forgot, what they have understood about each other for almost 1 year. They even forgot that they both are from Different Planets, and because of that they are very different from each other.

And from that day Differences started taking place between man and woman. Because of which many Relationships had broken, Because of sadness, fights, and coz of lack of love feelings.

We all feel that the opposite Person should behave and react in any situation like us, but when they don’t behave or react the way we do and behave differently. This Different behavior makes us Angry. We, Man, feel That Women should act react feel and respond the way we do, Similarly, a woman feels that man should react act feel and respond the way a woman does. This isn’t possible most of the Time.

Because women and Men are Different and that is Natural.

And the reason why all Differences started taking place nowadays, is because we all have forgotten that we are Different from Each other. But the Best Part is, we all can Finish that Difference just By Understanding it properly and just by respecting each other.

So today,I will tell you The 5 Major Differences which are really very important for all of us to understand.

Because of this Not only our family or our loved one’s happiness will increase But also it will help you to increase the chances of getting success in Life Because most of the motivation we get is from our family and from our love.

So let’s start!

1) Results and feelings

We men Are Result Oriented Whereas Woman’s are feelings Oriented Meaning,

When man used to live on Mars. They never share their problem with anyone; they used to keep it with them, and used to solve their problems on their own. They do this because this makes them feel strong and sometimes when they couldn’t take the problem alone, they go to a Wise man who can give them good advice and a solution of their problems. And this is the reason why man like giving Advice. Because this thing makes them feel Respected and Strong and it’s a huge thing for man.

But things were not the same at Venus. There woman used to share Every Little Problem with each other, not because they wanted a solution or advice Just Because they like to share their Feelings.

Hence People has forgotten this Difference, However problems fights and misunderstandings has taken place Like when women share their problems, man immediately like a wise person gives them a solution or a piece of advice. But even after giving solutions to them, still when woman repeat the same problem and Remains Sad.

This thing makes man irritated, makes us (man) feel bad we started feeling as a useless person. Who can’t create a good result. We men Forget that here woman doesn’t require our Advice; they just wanted to share their feelings. And they just needed a person who can listen to them. And can understand their feelings.

2) Men go to their caves and women talk.

Men and women Deal with Problems, Depression, and stress in Different ways.


When Men Was in Mars, at that time when he had to feel depressed or stressed, he used to go to the cave and used to stay there alone. And think about the solution about how to deal with that depression and problems Or Just to remain Silent and to forget about the Stress.

But at Venus, whenever Women Used to feel Depressed or stressed they usually meet their best friend and had to share all their problems. And they used to talk a lot until they don’t feel better calm or relax.

Again forgetting about this difference is creating a lot of mess nowadays in many relationships. So when Fight Happens between men and a woman, Man as per his nature remains silent and tries to control and deal with his problem alone by remaining silent But Women don’t behave like that, they behave as per their nature. They keep on talking because they feel good and get calm when they talk and express their feelings.

 “Both men and women behave inverse of each other.”

Because of this, a woman starts feeling as if men don’t care for her, “As I am talking so much but still he is quiet and not saying a word, He is Ignoring me” “Maybe his feelings has changed or maybe he doesn’t love me any more etc.”

And on the other side men feels, Like “how much he listens to her, she is so dominating, she says so many things without realizing, what she must have not said, Always Complains and etc.”

And this thinking Ruins the Relationship

3) Men wants to feel needed, Women Wants care.

A man can work Day and night and can achieve Everything In his Life. Only when he knows and feels that his family needs him, his loved ones need him. The more his special people need him, the more Men can feel the love and gets motivated to work .and will do a lot of difficult things easily. Because Fulfilling His Family needs will make him feel strong and will make him feel happy and loved.

On the other side, Woman feels love, when a man cares for her, be loyal to her, Always protect her cherish her and always be truthful to her.

Nowadays the biggest problem of this modern world is, every woman wants to become Independent, Which is good.

But it is creating a problem, Man feels love when his wife feels the need of him, in return man cares for her and protect her. But when women become more independent than man, Man starts feeling less important and they feel that maybe she doesn’t need him anymore, which makes them feel sad and less important, because of which they start becoming caring less towards women.

And because of all these things man and women couldn’t feel love for each other. Man don’t care enough, and women aren’t able to show, how much they need them. And this becomes the reason for destroying many relationships and many relationships get failed coz of this.

4) Men are like a Rubber band and Women’s like Waves

Maggie was in a Relationship whit his Boyfriend for almost 6 months, everything was going well. But one day Maggie, noticed, that her boyfriend isn’t Talking to her a lot nowadays and maybe he is avoiding her. And she started thinking maybe he doesn’t love her anymore or maybe he doesn’t love her the way he used to before or have I done any mistake or anything?

Fortunately, because of all this thinking, she attended an Author’s Seminar from where she learned that what her Boyfriend is doing is normal.

Boys usually do this, they give maximum time to their partner, but when men feel depressed or stressed, or maybe for any reason they go far from their partner, they spend their time with friends or play games etc and Return to their love again.

Author relates this behavior of a man with a Rubberband. Which gets stretched and Returns to the same position and place again.

Whereas on the other side, Women’s are like Waves Woman’s emotions are like waves, have ups and downs. Like, one day her self esteem and mood will be at Top. And they will feel happy, relaxed, and calmed. And everything will seem alright, but on the Next day, suddenly their Self-esteem will be low, they will feel bad and stressed.

She will feel bad for every small thing and will come up with every past memory. Which will make them feel sadder and stressed? Because at this time, their emotions will be at the lower level of waves. It will remain there for some time until they get normal.

Now, not understanding this can create a problem.

Because we boys usually see on Television and learn through media, that we should never allow a girl to remain sad at any cost.

So with this mentality, whenever girl feel sad we boys with all our efforts try to make them feel good and even after trying so much when a girl doesn’t feel good and still remains upset, we start feeling bad and this feeling makes us angry By thinking even after doing so much, she remains sad. THIS means I can never make her feel good or happy etc.

We fail to understand that sometimes, Girls Remains Sad Because of their nature, even if everything is Alright.

5) Pointing Game of Men and Women

When A Man Gives a Rose to his Wife, at that time he Thinks, that for this thing;

he will Get 1 point And if he gives 2 Roses he will get 2 Points, for 5 roses 5 Points. And similarly, the more big thing he do, the more points he will get, so as per this, when he gives his salary to his wife for that he must get 30 points. And because of this, his wife must be happy and satisfied.

But unfortunately, this is not the way How point system works as per Women.

Point system for women is little different, so when a man gives a rose he gets 1 point. Which is right, but even if he gives 2 roses still he gets 1 point. And for 5 roses as well he will get 1 point.

Meaning, for women it is not necessary how big thing you will do for them, for them there is not a very big difference between doing big thing or a small thing.

For women even small things are as important as big things.

Hence, it is very important for a man to do small things for his wife, like giving hugs, giving compliments to her, to spend Quality time with here, to give small gifts to her like chocolates and giving flowers to her etc.

Doing this small things will bring points for you and will make you feel, that you are doing a lot of things for her for making her happy.

I have shared 5 differences and problems which arise because of these different nature and behavior. Now I will share 5 points which every man and woman should follow to deal with their differences and problems.

So at First 5 things, men should do are:

No.1) Emotions oriented: Do not always try to give a logical solution to woman problems; just to finish it, most girls do not share their problems to get solutions, usually, they like to share their feelings. So unless women don’t ask for a solution or advice, don’t give.

No.2) Women Talk Usually when women are in stress or if they are depressed they Talk, they like to talk and bring out all their stress. They talk, talking helps them to manage their stress and make them calmed relaxed. So let them talk as much as they want to. Without doing any kind of argument and do not give your opinion, this will make them as well as you, stress free.

No.3) Caring is Love: The more you care for them, the more they feel the love, so care for them as much as you can show them your care. Show them always how much you care for them; this will make them feel loved and happy.

No.4) Like Waves Remaining Sad for some time is quite natural for girls, even if you do any possible thing to make them feel happy and still they don’t feel good. Don’t get upset or angry about it, it’s natural. At that time, juts be with them talk to them and support them; their mood will automatically get better after some time.

No.5) Small Things: For Girls Every small thing equally important to every big thing, so the best thing is always do small things for your girl.

And Now 5 points for women which they should follow:

No.1) Give value to the advice and opinion which is given by the men, If they are giving any advice seriously, agree to it, even if you feel it’s not right, just do it for their sake of happiness because this thing will make them feel good, loved and respectful.

No 2: If a men wants to remain silent at the time of stress, don’t try talking to him by doing arguments, just be with him and talk to him nicely politely, calm him down and do not blame him for any reason, at least for that time of stress.

No.3)Make them feel how much you need them, make them feel good by saying or showing That you are not scared to be dependent on them, and he is capable enough to fulfill all your needs, This trust of yours will make them feel happy and motivated.

No.4) when a man wants to spend time without you, just to avoid stress or depression. And wants to go with friends, allow them to go, don’t think that they don’t love you, just let them go, don’t be upset about it, they will come back and will love you more.

No.5) Boys must not be very smart, or he must not be informed that for you how much small things matter, and how important and special small things make you feel, so freely tell them, what all small things make you feel good so that maybe they understand you better.

That’s all. I hope you found this post “5 Tricks to Make them Love You | Men vs Women”. useful and relatable. Because I always love and prefer to write articles that are the most relatable.

And most importantly don’t forget to subscribe to my blog below. Through this, you will get the notification whenever I upload a new post. If you find these points useful, do comments on which point you like the most share this post with your friends and family and with your love so that your relationship remains happy and healthy? Do subscribe to my blog, will share more useful knowledge with you all, usually Every Week, and Finally Thanks for reading.

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