6 Tips How to look Handsome even if you’re not good looking

How to look Handsome even if you’re not good looking

How to look Handsome even if you’re not good looking? First of all, my response to you if you think you’re not good looking, that’s complete bullshit. I am not saying you’re good looking, but you can be much better looking if you cared.

Every human being has the ability to look very good, but that needs effort and care. Looking good does not mean you’d join the likes of top models and actors, it means that you’d be the best you can look, which you currently aren’t.

I think looking good is something you should care about.
What I want you to care about is looking presentable, because that subconsciously impacts others’ opinions about you.

How to look Handsome even if you're not good looking

So that is important. Clicking and getting likes on Instagram won’t help you in real life. Working toward a healthy lifestyle, eating well to keep your mind and body sharp, looking presentable may actually result in you looking very good.

This post is about solving some of your insecurities, in case you are conscious about the way you look.

Let’s start with the first tip of “6 Tips How to look Handsome Even if you’re not Good Looking”. Starting with how to fix facial disappointments.

1) Fix your Eyebrows

People subconsciously take eyebrows into consideration a lot. A simple adjustment in your eyebrows can drastically change your visual perception.

How to look Handsome even if you're not good looking


Get yourself a tweezer or an eyebrow plucker. And pluck out everything that falls above your nose region.

2) Grow a Stubble

Stubble is a light beard. Chances are the reason why you find yourself unattractive is, you don’t have a symmetrical jawline, have chubby cheeks, whatever it may be, the solution is a BEARD.

How to look Handsome even if you're not good looking

Again, I’m just talking about a light beard. Just generous amount of hair that covers everything around your cheeks and which don’t demand special care.

3) Know your Skin Type

If you have warts, moles, acne, scars, uneven skin darkening or any sort of skin problem, go visit a dermatologist and learn about your skin type.
This is making you insecure, conscious, affecting your confidence, and affecting your life.
Spent your money to make yourself look more presentable. What else is money for, if not for you?

A dermatologist will make you understand what effect the products you are using are having on your skin if you’re making a mistake.

You’re buying products because film stars are promising you shit because they took money for it.

You have no idea about what you’re actually applying on your face.

4)Work out

The science of attraction is rooted in our external appearance. Our brains see an attractive body and it creates a positive attraction. Which is why men and women are both attracted to and admiring both bodies.

The second reason to start working out is for clothes to only fit on you, but look great on you.

How to look Handsome even if you're not good looking

That’s the purpose of fashion. We wear clothes to look attractive. 

When a person looks at you, their vision allows a collective view of you as a whole, not just a face. A face is one part of the whole.

Let’s say if you rate your face 1 out of 10, still, your body can balance that out and make you a 6 out of 10 as a whole.

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5) Hair

The point of hair is structure. Think about the time you think your hair looks sexiest. When you’re out of the shower, they are wet, shining, you can place where you want them to be, and you love it because you’re looking good.

But then what happens?

In a few hours, they are out of control. What does that say? You simply don’t care. There’s a reason why there are wax, clay, gel, pomade!

How to look Handsome even if you're not good looking

To look good you have to have a manageable length of hair you’re going to take care of.
And there are plenty of videos on Youtube that can teach you how to have great looking hair.

6) Attitude and Body Posture

And lastly, your impression which constitutes attitude, posture, and how you present yourself. And this is the most important part.

I am sure you have seen average looking dudes with really attractive girls. Your first assumption is he must be filthy rich.
Well, that’s your insecure brain providing you comfort.

For somebody to feel that you look good has everything to do with what they normally get impressed by. Which means a lot of factors other than just looks come into play.

For example:

If you dress well, it subconsciously communicates to others that you take yourself seriously.

Your body language or posture tells a lot about your personality and mood. Whether you are lazy, scared, confident, boring, exciting, proud, happy, sad, etc.

You yourself analyze people’s personality just by looking at them all the time, that’s how our brains work.

Also, how you talk and what you make people feel when you interact design your impression the most.

For example:

When you smile and show interest in what others have to say, it makes people trust you and open up.

If you make people laugh easily, it makes others think you have a good sense of humor and you’re confident.

If you are loud and make sense, people may even think you’re a leader.

Look the point is;

Humans have subconscious stories of opinions that they attach to symbols, signs, certain behaviors, and visual information.
It is a lot more than just having good looks.
A matured mind won’t care much for looks, but for overall personalities of people.
So, if you want to be good looking, satisfy what people generally are interested in looking at and are looking for.


Yes, that’s all about “How to look Handsome even if you’re not good looking”. I hope you got to know something new and useful. You may also like:

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See you soon. Take care.
You can Do it, and you will do it.
Stay positive, and stay happy.


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