Why Teenagers of this Generation Need to Change their Mentality

Why Teenagers of this Generation Need to Change their Mentality

Hey everyone! Today’s post is not going to be on any motivational or inspirational stuff. It is all about the CHANGE that you need to make in your life and your way of thinking. Now, why change? A few days back, I was reading some motivational self-help book. By that time I was reading the book, I realized something and I was surprised. I started laughing. I was laughing, thinking about this teenage present generation. I realized that teenagers of this generation are so stupid and innocent. So, I just had a thought to share this – Why Teenagers of this Generation Need to Change their Mentality, with you guys too, to open up your eyes and see the real world.

1) Ask Yourself a Question – WHY?

The first thing that I realized was, we all are pursuing some or other degree. Some are doing it just for the namesake, some of them are pursuing it to get a job, some are doing just because their parents told them to do so, or some might doing it because they are actually interested in that stuff.

Why Teenagers of this Generation need to Change their MentalityNow, just simply ask yourself WHY? Why are you doing it? 99% of people will answer this:

To earn money or to survive in this world.

Ask one more question: You invested your f***king 18 years in education just to survive? Just to pay bills? Just to work as a servant for someone else in someone’s office. Just to work daily 9-5? Working and waiting a whole week for a Sunday to relax? Was this really your dream life?

If yes then, this post isn’t for you. If NO, then go ahead and know what you exactly need to have a better life.

Now, Some of you might disagree with me. Some of you might say,”No, we have big dreams and we are studying and pursuing our degree to achieve it.” OMG! seriously? Okay, now let’s consider this thing. I agree that you might are studying hard and then you’ll be getting a well-salaried decent job.

But, now think about this:

How many people staying around you are doing a job and have an awesome, happy and luxurious life? None. And still, if you find one, what is their age? Around 35? or 40? Haha.. so, in short, are you dreaming about achieving a great lifestyle at the age of 40?

If I ask you about your dream car, then no one will ever answer, “My dream car is Tata Nano or Santro.” Obviously, you will say it’s BMW or Audi or Lamborghini. If I ask you how big house do want to buy. You will say 2-3 BHK.

2) How And When will you Achieve your Dreams?

Why Teenagers of this Generation need to Change their MentalityMy next question to you is HOW? How are you planning to achieve these dream of yours? And most importantly when?

Let’s talk about something practical.

This dream car and a house will almost cost you around 3-4 crores INR. Now, kindly take a book, a pen, and a calculator and just simply calculate this. Calculate how much time will it require even if you get a job of 10-12 Lakhs INR/ annum, then how many years will it require to achieve those 8 digit figure. 10-15 years?


The answer is 20-25 years. Because obviously, no one’s gonna completely save that income. You’ll be going shopping, pay bills, pay for your EMIs, pay your credit card dues and many things. Your dream house and a car will always be just a dream.

Now, still, some of you might say someday. Someday I’ll achieve it. My friend, there are only 7 days a week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Where’s Someday? There’s no someday. There’s only today and now.

Some of you might say, “No, I’m planning for my own business after my job” or “I’m planning for my M.S. in abroad.” Once Again a simple question: From where will that money come from?


If your answer is that, then I salute you. You’re still so not mature enough. Not mature enough to take responsibilities on your own. Not even mature and capable enough to start your business on your own or study in abroad.


3) You Calling Yourself an Adult at 18

You are already 18. You call yourself an adult? Really? Oh yes, you can now watch adult movies, go clubbing claiming yourself as 21, you can now make out with your girlfriend, even something more than that. Making out has become so common right? That’s good, really good. I understand. Even I’ve gone through these stages.

This generation is so much worried about their friends might be fake, dating a wrong person, and many shits. So much of problems in our life! Right? Even I was the same when I was an 18.

But, then someone came into my life.

He taught me our life has much more to do than this shit. We can do so many productive things, gain so much knowledge, become extraordinary by doing things that others aren’t. So that we can live the life that others can’t. Yes, today I call him my mentor. He taught me to look at things differently. He taught me how does it really feel to have a luxurious lifestyle. He taught me to dream big.

Why Teenagers of this Generation need to Change their Mentality

4) Start Thinking BIG

Anything is possible if you are really willing and have a burning desire to do it. All you need to do is think.

Think, WHY? Think, why are you wasting your life? Think, why do want to opt for a job and work for someone else’s dreams? Think, did you really study for these 18 years just to pay bills?

Then think, HOW? Think, how will achieve your dream life? Think, how will you get your dream car? How will you be able to retire your parents asap? How will you be able to take them on the world tour?

Think WHEN? When are planning to achieve this? When will you take the charge and stop being a burden to your parents? When will you take them on a World tour?

You simply have two options:

At the age of 25, when even your parents could enjoy that lifestyle.


at the age of 35, when your parents just could watch the pictures of yours enjoying with your husband/ wife.

Life will always give you 2 choices options my friend:

  1. Right Choice
  2. Easy Choice

No need for me to explain to you what’s the right choice and what is an easy choice. You are smart enough to take that decision.

If you ask me, what should you do? Or How can you do it?

Why Teenagers of this Generation need to Change their MentalityAgain a simple answer START NOW. You’re a teenager. You are still young. You don’t have any heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure problems, can run for hours, can live a whole day active without eating anything. But, your parents can’t. If you call yourself an adult, then behave like that. If you want to achieve your goals at 25, then you need to start with something at the age of 18-19.

What exactly you need to do is:

1. Start with a small business or freelancing, something with low investment, get some experience. This experience will definitely help you somewhere in your future.

2. Make your passion your earning source. There are people who love to know about fashion and always keep themselves updated in trend. There are people who are so good at clicking pictures. There are people who love to update their knowledge of gadgets. There are so many different people with different and unique knowledge and passion.

3. Start your own youtube channel or website. You can make your own website or blogs on your favorite topic like photography, fashion, and trends, technology, gymming, health, and fitness. Help others with your knowledge. That’s how business actually works.

4. Join a good Network Marketing company having a good and trending product. Doing this, you will get to learn and earn at the same time. You’ll get to learn about marketing techniques, sales and marketing skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, communication skills, reading body language, and many more.

Why I strongly recommend this is because these are the skills which they won’t teach you in schools or colleges. This comes from practice.

Why Teenagers of this Generation need to Change their Mentality

Ending it up here, I would like to help you if you’re really willing to start something on your own, if you are willing to make your own name, if you’re really willing to earn and want to set up your business.

I teach students how to make a website or start a blog even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. Not only how to make it, but I also train you by sharing some tricks and techniques with the help of which you can list your website on the top pages of any Search Engine. More the users, more you’re gonna make money.

You can contact me on Instagram. The link is given below:


I hope you take a right decision. Because You Only Live Once. Make it worth. I am not saying do something amazing or invent something great. But at least, do something big and achieve your dreams at an early age. Do something to make your parents retire ASAP and yourself retire at 35. Do something right now and never give up because 97% of the people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% who never gave up. Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. 

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You can do it and you will do it. Have a great day ahead!



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