How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks

Hey everybody! Today I’ve come up with this new topic “How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks”. Amazing!? I know right? And yes, this will definitely help you in your personal and professional life. Of course I’m not going to teach you any Black magic. And yes it is hard to believe that is it even possible to manipulate anyone.

How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks

Yes, it is possible! I’ve got these tricks from the book “INFLUENCE – the Psychology of Persuasion”

Very interesting and tricky techniques given in this book. I will recommend you too to read this book if you want to learn or you’re job is to effectively motivate, persuade or influence people.

So let’s begin…

After these thousands of years, the human brain has made some shortcuts to make decisions. So that, it can save its energy and make faster decisions. These shortcuts are just some triggers on the basis of which our brain takes immediate decisions.

There are 8 triggers of the brain, which helps it to take the decisions. If you get to know about these 8 triggers you can easily persuade anyone in your way. So, let’s start with “How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks”.

1. Scarcity

You must have noticed that whenever a book is banned or there’s any movie which gets rejected due to censor board laws, people instead of losing their interest, get more interested. “Ban” this word attracts people. Why?

Similarly, most students whose parents are strict and don’t give much freedom, they are more rebellious. They lie to their parents and do things which they are attracted to. Why?

If you tell a kid not to eat excess chocolates and sweets, he will instead eat more. Why?

Well, thousands of years before when the survival was hard. Because things and food to keep people alive were scare. That’s why the brain makes an attraction to such things which are scare.

How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks

Our Brain draws in things which are hard to get or is less accessible.

For example:

Organizations know this stunt and utilize a word called ‘Restricted Edition’ item.
Not because they can’t make more such products. In any case, since LIMITED this word triggers our mind to take activities and purchase that item rapidly.

“Hurry! Offer only for today!” is also a similar example.

Now, you can use this trick in every aspect of life.

Many dating gurus give this advice- Don’t be available every time when your crush calls you. And don’t say “Yes” to every request. At least in the start. So, that you can keep that attraction game strong and not end up being in the friend zone.

2) Liking

Let’s take an example of Pandas. Billions of dollars are used for these cute pandas so that they don’t extinct. Yes, this is indeed a kind deed we are doing. But, this is also a sad reality that there are many other species which are getting extinct. Many of them are easy and important to save to maintain our environment and ecosystem but, still, there’s not enough money or resources to save or help them because they are not as cute as Pandas.

Reality is we are ready to do anything for a person or thing, whom we like the most. We sometimes do it without thinking logically.

How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks

Most of you people can’t say a “No” to their handsome or beautiful crush if they request you for anything. Because we are more easily influenced by the people whom we like. You can read my post – How to Attract Anyone in 90 secs.”

So, because liking has a powerful impact on our behavior, actions, and decision, it is used very well in Persuasion. The chances are more to persuade a person who already likes you. You may also like- 12 Simple Steps to Impress Or Get Any Girl You Like.”

So, the point is– How can you make people like you or make them attracted towards you? Well, fortunately, there are many ways to do this.

1. Work on your Physical Attractiveness

I’ve already explained in detail on this topic in one of my post – 7 ways How to Make People Think that You Are Attractive 

Essentially, be sure, have a decent dressing sense, smell pleasant, use scents, groom well and in particular consistently remain positive and grinning.

2. Similarity

Look for and talk about the similarities between you two. We like people who are like us. At that point whether the likeness is identified with our assessment, intrigue, diversions, character or in our experience.

3. Compliments

We like people who praise us. Surprisingly, if the person knows that the other person is giving fake compliments still people like it. So, think how impactful it is, if you compliment others genuinely.

4. Contact and Co-operation

How many times you meet a person and see him/her also has a great impact on liking.

5. Conditioning and Association

Try to associate yourself with good things and good people.

For example:

We find models good looking and attractive. Hence, we also like that car used in that advertisement placed behind that model. That’s the reason, why there are beautiful girls in every other ad.

3) Commitment and consistency

In the event that you approach an individual for a little duty or to make a little move, at that point there are more prominent shots that they will finish a greater responsibility as well.

For example:

There was an experiment, where people wear asked to wear a cancer awareness button for 1 week. Since this activity was little and innocuous individuals consented to it.
. And after some days the same people were asked to donate for some cause.

And guess what?

They concurred for gift, however they gave more gift than different gatherings.
. Now, this result wasn’t possible if people would have directly asked for the donation.

4) Authority

In an experiment, the nurses were asked to do things which were against hospital rules. But still nurses did it without asking a question and they were not even scared, why?

Because the person who asked them to do these things was a doctor. Actually, he was only a phony specialist made to do this examination and demonstrate this idea.

Since our childhood, we are taught to obey our elders and person with higher authorities. Like parents, teachers, doctors, policeman, etc.

How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks

Now, you can wear build your authority by wearing badges, expensive suits, cars. Even in advertisements, companies show doctors, soldiers, fireman, etc to increase the trust of customers to buy the product.

So, these were the 4 out of “How to Manipulate Anyone- 8 Mind Tricks”. The post is going too long so, I’ll post the Part-2 of it next week.

And yes, if you liked this 4 tricks, I can bet on it that you’re gonna love those last 4 tricks. Till then I hope you find these tricks helpful in some or other way. Subscribe to my site below for getting the updates. Do comment your opinions on these “4 tricks How to Manipulate Anyone.”

Will be back soon. Till then, have a great day ahead.

You can do it and you will.

Wish you success.

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