How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought – Remove the Roadblocks

Chapter 2

Remove the Roadblocks (Part-1)

How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought – Remove the Roadblocks

“The person interested in success has to learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process getting to the top.”

How many times do you think that people try to achieve their new goals before they give up? The average is less than one time. Most people give up before they even make the first try.

The reason they give up is because of all of the obstacles, difficulties, problems, and roadblocks that immediately appear as soon as you decide to do something that you have never done before.

The fact is that successful people fail far more often than unsuccessful people. Successful people try more things, fall down, pick themselves up and try again, over and over again before they win through. Unsuccessful people try a few things if they try at all, and very soon quit and go back to what they were doing before.


Temporary Failure Always Precedes Success

How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought – Remove the RoadblocksYou should expect to fail and fall short many times before you achieve your goals. You should look upon failure and temporary defeat as a part of the price that you pay on your road to the success.

As Henry Ford once said, “Failure is merely an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”

Once you have decided upon your goal, ask yourself, “Why am I not there already?”

What is holding you back?

Why haven’t you achieved that goal up to now?

Identify all the obstacles that stand between you and your goal. Write down every single thing that you can think of that might be blocking you or slowing you down from moving ahead.


Think In Terms of Solutions

How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought – Remove the RoadblocksRemember, “You become what you think about – most of the time.” In the area of problems and difficulties, successful people have a particular way of thinking that we call “solution-orientation.”

“Successful people think about solutions, most of the time. Unsuccessful people think about problems and difficulties most of the time.”

Solution-oriented people are constantly looking for ways to get over, around and past the obstacles that stand in their ways. Problem-oriented people talk continuously about their problems, about who or what caused them, how unhappy or angry they are and how unfortunate it is that they have occurred.

Solution oriented people, on the other hand, simply ask the question, “How can we solve this?” and then take action to deal with the problem.

Between you and anything you want to accomplish, there will always be problems or obstacles of some kind. This is why success is sometimes defined as the ability to solve problems.


Problem Solving Is A Skill

Fortunately, problem-solving is a skill, like riding a bicycle or typing with a typewriter, which you can learn. And the more you focus on solutions, the more and better solutions will come to you.

The better you get at solving problems, the faster you will be at solving each subsequent problem. And as you get better and faster at solving problems, you will attract even bigger and more expensive problems to solve.


Internal Versus External Constraints

The 80/20 Rule applies to the constraints between you and your goals. This rule says that 80% of your constraints will be within yourself. Only 20% of your constraints will be outside of yourself, contained in other people and situations.

To put it another way, it is you personally who is usually the major roadblock that is setting the speed at which you achieve any goal that you set for yourself. For most people, this is hard to accept. But superior people are more concerned with what is right rather than who is right.

Superior people are more concerned with the truth of the situation, and what they can do to solve the problem than they are with protecting their egos.


Two Major Obstacles to Success

The two major obstacles to success and achievement are fear and self-doubt.

How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought – Remove the Roadblocks

It is, first of all, the fears of failure, poverty, loss, embarrassment or rejection that holds the average person back from trying in the first place.

This is why the average number of times that a person tries with a new goal is less than one. As soon as he thinks of the goal, these fears overwhelm him and, like a bucket of water on a small fire, extinguishes his desire completely.

The second mental obstacle, closely aligned to fear, is that of self-doubt. We doubt our own abilities. We compare ourselves unfavorably to others and think that others are somehow better, smarter and more competent than we are.

We think, “I’m not good enough.” We feel inadequate and inferior to the challenges of achieving the great goals that we so much want to accomplish.

“To get what we’ve never had, we must do what we’ve never done”


Negative Emotions Can Be Unlearned

Fortunately, if there is anything good about doubt and fear it is that they are both learned emotions. Have you ever seen a negative baby?

Children come into the world with no doubts or fears at all. And whatever has been learned can be unlearned, through practice and repetition. The primary antidotes to doubt and fear are courage and confidence.

The higher your level of courage and confidence, the lower will be your levels of fear and doubt, and the less effect these negative emotions will have on your performance and behavior.

That’s it for today and more than enough for Part-1. I’ll be the posting Remove the Roadblocks (Part-2) of “How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought” soon. Also, if you haven’t read the chapter-1 of “How to Get Anything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought” then do read Chapter 1 –  Create Your Own Future.

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