7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are Attractive

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are Attractive

 Do you ever question or tell yourself like this –  “Why don’t I look good? I don’t have a sexy voice.”, “Ohh, people are just attracted towards a person with good biceps and abs”, “Why am I not rich? If I was then so many people would’ve attracted towards me!” Bullshit! The attraction has nothing to do in the majority of these things. They all just contribute 1-2% to the attraction game. People actually look for something else in a person which they find attractive. So, yes coming to the 7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are Attractive.

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveBefore starting, let me tell you that, this post is not about How to MAKE yourself attractive. Both topics are quite different. Having a good sense of humor, having a good physique, nice hairstyle, groomed well, having a good dressing sense, all these come under MAKING yourself attractive. Which I will post some or other day. But, today this is all about 7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are Attractive.

1) Attractive people are in the positive loop

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveThis is the most basic point. They feel good and they keep being told that they are. It’s constant positive vibes that they have. They are attractive because they feel attractive. Meanwhile, if you get told that you’re not attractive that can develop into belief and then, of course, to start acting like you’re not or you will just try to fake their behavior and that’s not going to help you in any way.
And because you start thinking that you are not attractive, it reflects from your body language and people won’t find you attractive. This whole loop will keep going on and that will be a turn off for the people. So, always be in a positive vibe and do things that make you feel good. And people will automatically start feeling attracted by looking at you.

2) Treat yourself as a King

What do I mean by that? Become arrogant? Think you are superior to everyone else and deserve special treatment? Nope.  Get in shape, start working out, develop a routine, eat properly, get enough sleep, and drink lots of water, wear better clothes, and I guarantee you, people will notice this change and gradually start respecting you right there.

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveDo you want to be a king? Then treat yourself like a king. The first thing a king deserves is respect.

And respect comes when you are doing something which others can’t. Develop yourself. Find something unique in you. Every person is different and unique in their own way. Find yours and be proud of that. Be proud of yourself. And secondly, to gain respect, you need to give respect first. Be disciplined and be a gentle person from inside. But from outside, treat yourself as a King.

3) Your Appearance Matters, Not Your Looks

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveWhy should we start working out? The answer is Presentation. Your presentation is important. Now, it could be that you hate working out. But, you know what? This must have happened to you, that you looked at someone and were awed by their personality. Just by looking at them, you were impressed. Let’s break it down. Humans like to look pleasant things and we avoid looking at things we find unattractive. After all, we perceive everything through our eyes, the first contact is made visually. So your very first impression will be made on how you appear visually. If you want to impress somebody, try to look at yourself from their perspective. Are you captivating enough? And this has nothing to do with looking sexy. Let me repeat, humans subconsciously like to look at pretty things. Now, I am not asking you to become Lady Gaga. I am asking you to become presentable.

Be Presentable

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveThis is the myth that not so good looking people are not attractive. The presentation has nothing to do with looks, but it has everything to do with appearance. If you have yellow teeth, start brushing twice, if you sweat easily, use good perfume, your hair should be properly cut. Wear clean clothes that suit you and not crumbled shit.
People will form an opinion on the way you look, and because opinions are made in the mind, you won’t get the chance to defend yourself. Influence those opinions in your favor.
Why are these changes important?
Because psychologically, we prefer to be around tidy, presentable people. You will find that people will be extra nice to you and they would like to be around you. The next time you go out, just take a look at how people dress, carry themselves and you will notice, that your mind is automatically forming opinions on them based on their appearances.

4) Have Confident Body Language And Smile

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveLet me tell you the greatest secret of fooling everyone into thinking you’re f***king confident. Just learn to smile confidently. Learn to wear a graceful smile. People will adore you.
Smiling is such a powerful tool that everybody has. Smile while listening to someone speaking about something interesting, smile when you meet a stranger, if you want to start talking to a girl you have a crush on, just give a confident smile looking at her. It works! Confidence is always the key to success in many things.
You have to get rid of all those negative beliefs about yourself, which you question about yourself in your mind and replace them with the positive reinforcement.
For example: If you want to talk to a stranger nice looking girl standing in front of you. Don’t think like this, “Ohh, what will she think about me? What if she rejects me?” Instead, you can tell yourself, “Hey, she seems to be a nice person. What if she’s gonna be my next girlfriend?” And this changes the whole confidence level.

5) Be authentic

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveThis means saying exactly what you think and feel without being a jerk of course. And basically not being afraid of how others might judge you. It’s better to be loved for who you are than trying to keep a mask on your face and keep your whole life lie. So don’t be afraid of showing your real feelings. This makes people think that you are confident in yourself and your opinions and make them think you are Attractive.

6) Make Yourself a Person with whom You would Love to Hang out with

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveAlthough outside appearance helps, it’s the inner game that’s really important here. How you feel, how you look at yourself and then of course how you carry yourself. These smallest things can make the biggest impact. Just make on move in the right direction and you’ll be inspired to do more because it’ll make you feel good.
If you want people to get more attracted to you, you need to start being more attracted to yourself. As weird as that may sound it actually is the truth.

If you’re doing any activity, that’s making you feel more attractive about yourself and people are admiring it, then do more of it. And you will absolutely feel and become way more attractive. Firstly, because you enjoy doing it and secondly because you’ll be putting out the vibe of a happy person. 

Look at the people whom you find attractive and you’ll notice that they have no neediness towards you or anyone. Attraction tends to happen towards the people who are just out of reach or someone that has so much going on that they don’t even notice you.
Do the things that you enjoy and make you feel good. Being attractive is really very easy. It’s a byproduct of working on yourself, creating the life you most desire and enjoying the things that are most attractive to you.
If you are not excited about your life, why would anybody be excited about you? 

7) Follow Your Passion And Love Yourself

7 Ways How To Make People Think You Are AttractiveHave ever done something that you’re so passionate about and you did it and you were so happy and afterward, you’re just radiating this glow and energy and everybody’s like, “Ohh, who’s that person.” They’re attracted to you because you’re in your element. You’re enjoying yourself. You’re fulfilled and you don’t need anybody or anything to come and make you feel good.
When you already feel good about yourself, you get more of it.
Now, if you thinking that I’ll just keep sitting around, thinking that I am attractive and people will get attracted towards you, then-No. This is not how it works. The results will be seen in your actions. The actions that you perform after believing that you are the best and you just genuinely act differently because you are doing what you love and you’re just being who you are.
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You can do it and you will do it! Have a great day ahead.


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