7 Steps How to Deal With Negative People

7 Steps How to Deal With Negative People

7 Steps How to Deal With Negative PeopleHave you ever felt pushed down by somebody? Have you ever felt like someone’s trying to manipulate you or make you feel bad about doing what you want or demoralize you? Have you ever dealt with really really negative people that just are toxic people that simply don’t want to encourage you, aren’t on your side and it feels like they’re really just out to get you? Before starting with 7 Steps How to Deal With Negative People, let me clear out something.

Well, you’re not the first one to experience this. All of us at some point of time in our life feel that way like there’s someone out there to make us feel low or they just don’t want to succeed and they’re trying to get in our way. Sometimes it might be a close friend or family member, other times it might be your enemy. Now, remember and get this thing in your mind – People are not going to change. They will continue being what they are their own way. What needs to be changed is your attitude towards them. 

So, here are the 7 Steps How to Deal With Negative People.

1. They Don’t Have any Ill Intent

Here’s the thing, the truth is human beings are addicted to their emotions, they are addicted to their patterns and that what they’re doing or the way they’re acting towards you most of the time is a pattern playing out. You’ll see and start to realize that there’s no real ill intent most of the time.
7 Steps How to Deal With Negative PeopleWhether it’s a parent trying to push a kid to go follow in the parent’s footsteps or try to become a doctor or a lawyer or do something else that’s kind of highly praised in society. So they can feel proud. Or whether it’s your friend telling you that you shouldn’t pursue your business venture, that you should quit, give up, because it’s never gonna work out anyway and nine out of ten businesses fail and have they’ve looked at the stats and all this. They will give you their advice on the basis of their limited experience, their conditioning, their thoughts, and beliefs. And we take it personally.
That’s the mistake. Of course, they’re gonna do that. What else would you expect them to do? You see, we have these unreal expectations that will never be matched, that everyone’s supposed to clap for us every time we burp and that’s just not how it works.

2. Not Everyone is going to be on your Team

7 Steps How to Deal With Negative PeoplePeople are gonna fight you. People are gonna get in the way. Some people just don’t get how important certain things are to you. If you are naive and believe that everyone’s supposed to be on your side and on your team, then you’re gonna be really disappointed and it’s gonna be a pretty frustrating uphill struggle.
You need to accept that people are playing out their patterns, acting on behalf of their unconscious beliefs that are deeply wired since childhood. If you understand that they’re addicted to their emotions and they want to keep feeling the way they’re feeling and when you try to come in and mess with that or create some sort of imbalance in them, they try to find the quickest way back to where they were coming from, ie. their beliefs. if you do this, then this whole thing becomes a lot easier.

3. Negative people aren’t actually negative

They just justify their beliefs and their patterns, that they’ve learned from their surroundings. So, when you see that what they’re doing is unconscious and that they’re not deliberately sitting down and thinking, “Haha, let’s mess with that person’s life, let’s make him feel unmotivated and not to pursue his goals”, you realize that there are no ill intentions. They are not trying to hurt you. They’re not trying to make your life miserable. Okay, some of them may do that. But, not all of them.
The best thing you can do most of the time is to walk away!

4. You have your own will

7 Steps How to Deal With Negative PeopleYou don’t have to deal with negative people. You don’t have to listen to them. See you have a free will. You have a choice. Even if it’s someone that has authority over you, you don’t necessarily have to accept their advice. Yes, you can hear them out, can listen to them.  But, act as you want or just go do what you want to do anyway.
Here’s the trick, that’s often times the best thing to do. To follow your heart. Do what you want to do anyway; Say what you want to say; Go where you want to go; Be with who you want to be with, regardless of what those negative people think.
If you do that if you do what you want anyway, all of sudden you don’t have a grudge against them. The only way you’ll dislike someone is if you take their bad advice and go act on it. But if they give you bad advice and you don’t apply it, you don’t listen to them or don’t follow it, then why would you have any hard feelings. It won’t even matter.

5. You need to get over Obligations

We get so stuck in our head thinking, “Ohh, that’s my friend, I can’t just deny him.” Right? “It’s been 20 years we met and we’ve been besties ever since and I have to stick with him.” No. You don’t have to. If you want, then, of course, go ahead, it’s your choice. But, let go of the obligation. Let go of the feeling that you owe something to someone. Maybe they have helped you out in the past, but just be yourself when you have to take your decisions.

6. Believe in Yourself

7 Steps How to Deal With Negative PeopleIf you still choose to stay and keep following their advice by letting down your own will, then your life is never going to be any different from there’s and you are going nowhere. If you want to grow, you should have a better circle of influence. It is not going to happen that everyone around you is trying to motivate and keep inspiring you. People are going to give their free pieces of advice. But, you have to follow what your heart says to you and what you believe will make you successful.
Many are incredibly successful in this world: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Shahrukh Khan and many more. These all were rejected by the people and even their friends. Even their friends gave them advice that it’s not going to happen. It’s impossible. But, they were crazy. They were so crazy that they never gave a damn about what people call them or tell them. They believed in their own way and did what their heart told them to do.

7. Listen to what your heart says

7 Steps How to Deal With Negative PeopleTake responsibility for your own life. Ultimately, it’s your life. If your life isn’t good, who’s fault it is? People’s? No. It’s your fault. No one really cares about whether you are happy or sad with what you are doing.
We can choose and we’re conscious and aware of our decision-making. We can think, analyze and decide on our own. Take a break and think, what you really want to do spending your whole life? And then, you can listen to your heart. You will find something, which is buried deep inside your heart. But, we never take the time to ask.
Negative people have no power over you if you don’t give away your power to them. I hope you find this post “7 Steps How to Deal With Negative People” helpful. Share it with your friends who are having a problem to deal with negative people. And also share your personal opinions in the comment box. You can also, check out my last post “How to Move on from a Break Up Completely?”
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You can do it and you will do it! Have a great day ahead.


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