6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of

6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of

6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.

Have you ever met someone before who seems really nice and friendly and the more you get to know them however they always seem like every time they reach you that they want something from you? Met someone who came in your life and makes you feel very nice and special, and then just changed suddenly and walked away? If you’re nodding then yes, these are just some bunch of fake nice people and there are 6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of. The more you get to know all these signs, the more it will be useful for your successful and happy life. Because you are going to come across these people on a day-to-day basis.

It is important you pay close attention to such people and can get these people out of your life and you can only begin to attract genuine people into your life.
So, make sure to pay close attention especially to the last point because that is the most important. So, let’s start with the 6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.

1. No correlation between their actions and words

6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.Truth is a new stranger becoming your friend never reveals how f***ked up they are in real life, how bad they are to others, how many mistakes they have made repeatedly. Instead, they will show you how awesome they are. And we feel that are they so amazing.
It’s just only after a while of knowing them, you realize, they are severely unreliable, or their actions and promises have no correlation or they are opposite of the personality they sold to you.
You need to be perceptive and smart to learn not to rely quickly on what the other is telling.
 You will find people having no relationship between their actions and words. It is so hard to trust people nowadays. A clever person knows not to trust the first impression. You will get to know about the true colors of such a person from their past. On wanting to know about their past, two things happen:
  1. People either conceal information or always adjust their stories portraying themselves right as if in every scenario they were wronged by others, which is bullshit and this makes hard to trust them.
  2. They actually truthfully reveal their past, and by that, you realize how did that person behave in those situations. And by that, you’ll get to know about their thinking patterns and mentality.

2. They Act to be Nice and Friendly

Fake nice people typically will be very friendly in front of you. Of course, because you must have got something that they want. So, they seem to be very friendly and I always find this fastest way for me to spot somebody who’s being fake nice. They just act to make us feel that they are really sweet and nice. Which they are not! It’s not about how they act in front of you.
6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.Now, look for their behavior with the people who kind of have a weak personality or are not so famous. See how do they communicate with such people. See how they speak with a driver, waiter or waitress, or whatever it may be. Because, how they communicate with people who don’t owe them anything will be totally different and this will show their true colors.
They’ll just be nice to you but, to other people they don’t like, you will see the real side of them.

3. They will Use You

6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.Fake-nice people, they are ego driven. They focus on what they want. They see you as a tool that they can exploit to get whatever it is that they want fast.
For example, it could be money, it could be fame, you may have some good connections with people with whom they want to have a friendship with or anything. They’re going to do whatever it takes to be able to seem nice to you so, you can help them get what they want.
Ask for any help from these people, and they will rarely help you. Because you are not what they are interested in. They have some different agenda behind being nice to you.

4. It’s Always Only About Them

6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.They focus only on themselves. Whenever you are conversing with this individual, pay close attention to see where does normally the conversation go towards. Is it about their story? Their life? Their life goal? If it’s just about them them them.. well, you should know it then, that you’re dealing with a fake-nice person. They’re ego-driven so, they just focus on their moto. They don’t really care about what you want, what goals you’ve got. And to be honest, once they get whatever it is that they want from you, they’ll probably just leave and I’m sure you can write a list of such people who just left from your life. Once they get it, they go. 

5. Gossipers

6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.This is a big one. Gossipers who gossip about people in front of you, will gossip about you in front of others. Think about it. Gossip is gossip. So, if you have people gossiping and telling secrets to other people which is often negative to you. They will share the exact same things to others, which you shared with them.
If you’ve got these people in your life, get rid of these. They are typical toxic people spreading harmful energy which you don’t want. Because negativity is contagious. When one person begins to gossip, everybody else begins to gossip. Get them out of your circle. Otherwise, even you will start doing the same and it really won’t take much time for even you to become a fake-nice person.
I mean, just why do you want to talk about people? You have so much to talk about the world, success stories, nice places to visit, or any memorable incidents. The choice is yours, where do you want to get your life? Just spreading negativity and bullshitting with gossips or planning talking about something great to happen.

6. Your Heart Knows it

Your heart knows it because you sometimes feel it. You can just feel it by something called the sixth sense. You can do it just by calming the mind. It happens sometimes that your hearts know it that something’s fishy. But, it is your mind that may jumble you up by thinking logically about it. Because we think that we know that person and assume that the person is nice and trustworthy. Because he/she already has successfully made a good image in your mind. And now your mind can’t deny that he/she is a fake person.
6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of.Clear up your mind. Start meditation I would strongly recommend. Or just learn to stay calm and feel nature just for 20-25 minutes after you wake up in the morning. Feel what are your goals in life. Know what is your purpose in life. When you have a clear vision about your goals, then you will get to know it clear, who is really your well-wishers and who is not. Get clear and guess what your heart wants and take action.
These are the 6 Signs Of Fake Nice People You Need to be Aware of. If somebody you know who’s matching any of these signs, then you got to make a move my friend. Don’t believe or trust any person quickly. Because like it is said Marathi, “Jasa dista tasa nasta, mhanun hey jag fasta.” It means, “Whatever we see is not necessarily true, that’s why people get fooled.”
One of the things, you need to realize inside there is, successful people do not hang out with toxic people. Because we become who we hang out with. Look, everybody’s in their different journey and what you need to do is focus on yours. People will come, people will leave. Those who are really your well-wishers will stay and celebrate your success with you.
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You can do it and you will do it! Have a great day ahead.

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