3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy

3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy

Hey, what’s up? Yes, so now that we know Why we are getting lazy, let’s come to second chapter – 3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy. If you haven’t read my last post 3 Reasons Why You Have Become Lazy, then you need to read that first because, until you don’t know Why you are lazy, you won’t get these  3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy.

3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy

If a dog chases you, lazy or not, you will run your ass off. Why? Because walking lazily, in that case, is not a choice.

And Like I said in my last post too – When a girl calls you over and says, there’s nobody home, you don’t stay in the same spot. You get up, take a shower and make a run to her place. Laziness, again, disappears. Why? This time it’s for fun.

You study on the last day of your exam because you have run out of time. Now you have no choice or will fail. So, when you’re not given a choice, you aren’t lazy anymore. But, when you are on your own, and when you are in-charge of your life, then you just don’t care and find it convenient to destroy your own life.

 You, despite what you say, don’t want to be successful in reality. Because those who do, are working their asses off.

So here’s the truth: most of us are lazy because we haven’t yet taken full control of our lives. We are still unconsciously waiting for someone for some kind of authority, supervision, guidance manual to make us do things.


Step 1:

3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being LazyAccept the control of your life. You are on your own. Your parents now are your well-wishers and your friends see you as a unit of fun, and to be honest, they have no interest or investment in your success. They don’t care. They will be sad for a second if you fail, but they will most certainly move on.

So right now, your life is in your hands only. You are its master.

Step 2:

3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being LazyRemember what your parents had to do to get you where you are right now. Even then you didn’t wanna study, wanted to sleep, and only wanted to have fun, but they pushed you. So now, in their absence, since you’re your master, you will have to push yourself. The responsibility is now yours.

Get yourself out of bed. Scream on yourself if you are wasting your time. Punish yourself. For example: if you are not able to get up early at 6 or 7 am, then you can punish yourself by telling your Mom to deduct 500 Rs. every time you when wake up late. Or tell your girlfriend to punish you by not letting you make out with her for the next 3 months. These are just some examples. You can create your own way to punish yourself. But, do it. This technique works and I can bet on it.

If you have plans for the evening, but didn’t study, work, or do whatever you were meant to, then drop the evening plans. Discipline yourself. Laziness is a choice. You are choosing not to work. And by doing so, you are against your personal improvement.

Step 3:

3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being LazyUnderstand why you procrastinate. Whenever you have some work to do, you push it forward by bullshitting yourself that you’re gonna start in 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in those 15 minutes, you might text, or check out pics, or check out online content. And we come back to technology.

You are surrounded by millions of choices, options, and sources which are pushing their content on you. Their goal is your permanent subscription and get you hooked on it, which is called addiction.

You hate working and on the other hand, you have hours and hours of new content that you love. It’s obviously what you are going to choose. They are doing their work amazingly because it’s their job. But, because of them, you are screwing up your work and your life and still, the blame falls on your head.

The truth is we are consistently good at only one thing i.e lying to ourselves.

We give ourselves 15 mins of a break, that’s a lie.

I will only watch this video, a lie.

I am not addicted to my phone, lie.

I will do it tomorrow, in the last three days, or after three months, but once I start I will just lock myself up and work for 10-12 hours a day. Again a lie.

What will you gain from lying to yourself?

What will you say to a person who is training for some national sporting event and they tell you that, in the entire year I am going to start practicing in last three days or in a week for 18 hours and win the gold medal? You will tell them it’s a bullshit and training doesn’t work that way. Then, why are you bullshitting yourselves the same way?

Because you are in charge of your life? This only proves that you don’t value yourself at all and that you actually see yourself as a loser.

3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being LazyStart now. Understand the value of time. Or somebody else will replace you in seconds because they were not wasting their time like you did. Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. You have to build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Comment down your personal opinions on my post – 3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy. Also, if you got any more solution for overcoming laziness, you’re most welcome, write them in the comment box. I hope you will implement these “3 Practical Steps How to Stop Being Lazy.” My next post is going to be on “How to Get Over a Break Up  Completely” or “Why Being an Introvert is much Better than Extrovert Stay tuned by subscribing below.

You can do it and you will do it! Have a great day ahead.

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